Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jerk Off Video

By request I have made a little jerk off video of me shooting a load. Enjoy. For Erick.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tiger Milner now on AEBN

Cream 'N Daddies
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The hot scenes with Tiger Milner in HDK's Cream N Daddies can now be enjoyed on AEBN. A new affilliate agreement with means that you can view these scenes with a membership in AEBN or any other hot gay porn content on the site and will generate income for "I would very much appreciate the support of the followers of my free content over the past few years." says power bottom Tiger Milner. "These two scenes were really hot to participate in and I think you will get off on them if you like my work." he adds. Just click on the video or the banner ad and sign up. Your payment goes towards any content on the site so it is a very good arrangement. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Take-Scene #5: Jeff Grove & Tiger Milner

I have to warn you that unless you are into domination and intimidation you probably won't like this scene.  It is rough and it is real. It was a tough first scene for newbie porn star. One thing I learned is that when a Dom Top asks you what your limitations are, be specific. I was not and I'd say I'd paid for it. My limits were redefined that day. I have to admit I was intimidated by my scene partner as soon as I met him. He's a big man. At least six inches taller than me and out weighed me by a good 50 pounds. I've always been attracted to men who are bigger than me but I still have a healthy fear of them. I mean it was obvious that he could hurt me. My strategy was just to try to please him and to do my best to keep up.

I am proud to say that as intense as it got, I never tapped out. Even when production was shut down at one point because I was bleeding, it was not me who called it, it was the Director. Apparently blood in porn puts it into a category that they didn't want to go into. It was only at that point that they told him to pull back a bit and asked me if I was ok. I'm glad they edited out that part. He does allude to making my ass red in the video but they took that part out. I'm glad. It was brutal.

"I can't believe you took that!" said one of the camera guys.
You may recognize Jeff Grove as the silver daddy who fucked Dawson on the beach in TIM's Meatrack.  That was a little intimidating in itself. He is a really good looking man.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Take-Scene #4: Jayson Park and Tiger Milner

 Jayson Park absolutely exudes sexual energy.  I was'nt sure exactly what to expect from our scene together since we are both bottoms because I had no idea how badly he wanted to fuck me.  You see, we had one force at work here that most guys do not:  the internet. We had become online buddies a few months earlier. I don't remember what site or app we connected thru, but I do remember being excited that he knew exactly who I was and was a fan of my videos and blog. I had been a fan of his movies for quite some time. He has always made the kind of raw bareback fuck films that I get off on so I have been a big fan of his hungry hole for many years. We hit it off and began a chat that lead to talk of making videos.  It was actually Jayson's idea that I send my pictures to the producers at HDK and he followed up on it with his suggestion that they bring me on the project he was already signed for.  He said he had watched me take anonymous loads over and over on my blog and thought I'd be a perfect addition to the cast.  I had thought about doing professional porn as my videos had taken off in popularity and I thought that doing work for a major studio was the perfect way to learn the business. That is how it all came about. 

When we met on the set in Miami, it was as if we already knew each other.  Kindred spirits of sorts.  We started making out and were having sex within 10 minutes of meeting.  There were guys working around us trying to act as if nothing was going on. 

I asked "is this allowed". 

Jayson said "What do they make here?"

"Porn" I said.

"Right", he replied.  "So suck my dick".

With that we were off and running.

"I'm going to recharge your hole" he told me.
No one had ever said that to me before but I knew I wanted it.  As he began to fuck me deeply on the sofa the Art Director came in the room and asked us not to cum.  "Save it for the scene" he said.  So with that we stopped and composed ourselves and started laughing like two teenage boys.  It was fun.  We picked up where we left off when the cameras were rolling.  We didn't need much direction.  Turning a well known bottom into a top was a turn on.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cream N Daddies Launch: My Porn Debut!

 Hot Desert Knight's latest release Cream N Daddies is now available online and in stores. Cream N Daddies stars Adam Russo, Jayson Park, Randy Harden, Jeff Grove and Tiger Milner. For followers of my blog I'd to outline the ways to watch the video since it is not my usual amateur free porn. I am excited to be a part of this and am happy to share it with you guys and hope that you will support it. I'd like nothing more than to see it be successful. I hope you guys think it is hot. It has been an amazing experience.

You can either join HDK membership site and watch the video pay perview starting at $9.95 or you can download to own or order the dvd.
-Click on the link above to the ENTER page and click thru that.
-You land on the movie previews. Click on JOIN NOW.
-Select membership level starting at $9.95
-Watch movie (my scenes are #4 and #5)

To download to own or order the dvd, click on the link above then go to upper right corner and click on HDK Superstore then click on the movie. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tiger Milner: Porn Star

I've never written the phrase "porn star" before when referring to myself since all my efforts have been amateur, but with the release of Hot Desert Knight's new video "Cream N Daddies" it is true.  "Cream N Daddies" stars Adam Russo, Jayson Park, Jeff Grove, Randy Harden and Tiger Milner.  I may be fifth out of five in the line up but it qualifies me to use the phrase "porn star".  The release date is March 20, 2015.

I will be writing about the experience of making my first professional porn scenes including what it was like to work with hot porn stars like the incredibly handsome Jeff Grove and my buddy Jayson Park who got me the part.  I have held back on writing about it up until now due to the extensive contracts that I signed, but I have been authorized to blog about it now that the film is being released so stay tuned.  I may well be the first amateur porn sensation to become a professional porn star and then blog about it.  It will be the great American success story.  From a regular guy with a webcam and a blog to porn star: Tiger Milner.

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