Thursday, December 11, 2014

BBC Hookup


I do enjoy my regular fuck buddies.  This one comes back from time to time.  He identifies as straight and has a girlfriend, but he sure loves the way I suck his big black uncut cock and he doesn't give up when trying to get it inside me.  When he does get it up in my asshole, it stretches me wide open.   He let's loose and drives it up my butt til he busts his nut inside me.  I'll hear from him again when he is ready.  And I will be ready for him.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anon Pump and Dump 4: BBRT Hook Up

This video is a hook up I had almost a year ago.  I never got around to editing it because it was so long.  It was a hook up with a tweaked out top from BBRT who was looking to party.  I have to say it was interesting. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TopDawg and TigerMilner-Rematch - XTube Porn Video - Banned4good

TopDawg and TigerMilner-Rematch - XTube Porn Video - Banned4good

Someone just pointed out that I don't have this video on my blog.  This is a special video to me because I didn't shoot it.  TD shot it kind of as a gift for me after we had decided that we just wanted to fuck and not videotape because we had just had a big dinner and both felt fat, lol.  Seriously.  I was so into his cock I really didn't realize he had taken out his phone and started filming.  I think it's hot. This was shot in July of 2012. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Impromptu Gangbang

Impromptu Gangbang
By Tiger Milner

I think all cum hungry bottoms fantasize about taking loads from one man after the other in an anonymous situation.  It’s a fantasy that is difficult to coordinate in reality.  I was recently invited to meet a friend at the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, FL for Leather Pride weekend.  I had been to the resort before and looked forward to possibly getting fucked a few times.  It was a cool rainy night which I feared would dampen the crowd.  Upon arrival, I texted my friend to let him know I had arrived.  It was about 11pm.  He did not respond right away so I started to look around.  I was very excited when I found that a dungeon had been set up in a tent in the courtyard area.  It was sectioned into three rooms and had two fuck benches, a round ottoman, a sling and a gloryhole box.  I sucked a very nice perfectly straight 8” cut cock as I watch another bottom get fucked.  The tent was not very full at that point so I decided to walk the property and check out what was going on.

I popped in an out of the tent several times checking to see if any action was going on.  I figured as the night went on the crowd would build as men loose their inhibitions after a few drinks.  I was disappointed to see that no action was happening and men were actually sitting on the fuck benches and ottoman and chatting as if it were a living room.  How is anything going to happen there if the place was filled with queens who thought it was a coffee shop? 

Just before 1 am I found one of the fuck benches was not in use so I decided I needed to step up and get something going.  Earlier that day I had opened the seam in the back of a pair of jeans so I could get fucked without worrying about pulling my pants up and down or without taking them off.  I climbed up onto the fuck bench which put me in an all fours position with my ass at the perfect height for fucking.  It also spread open the slit in my jeans perfectly framing my open hole. 

Immediately the other bottom I had seen getting fucked earlier came up behind me and began to eat my asshole.  He worked my hole with his tongue til I was open, wet and ready for cock.  He also spread open the slit in my jeans, perfectly opening it up for access to my hole  He kept at it until a small crowd had gathered.  He then stood up and stepped aside allowing the first man to step up and stick his hard cock in me.  He had been jerking his dick as he watched the other bottom rim my hole. 

“I’m really close he said as he stepped in behind me.  “Oh Fuck!” he said as he sunk his cock into my spit slicked fuck hole.  Three strokes and he gasped as he began to shoot his load inside me. 

“Yeah!” I heard some guys behind me say as number two stepped in immediately behind number one.  He grabbed my hips and plunged in deep and began to pound me furiously as the gathering of about six other men cheered him on.  He piston fucked me deep and hard and without missing a beat right up until he began to groan.  He pounded his load out inside my cum-slick hole. 

A third man immediately stepped up behind me as soon as number two was out of the way.  I could feel his leather chaps against the back of my thighs.  He slid his dick in slowly and with purpose, letting out a loud sigh as he savored the feeling of two warm fresh loads inside me.  He fucked slowly and deliberately.  “Yeah, fuck him” I heard from the growing crowd.  Within minutes he was picking up the pace as he got closer and closer to cumming.  His tempo built up as he began to groan and said, “I’m about to fill you” as he let his load go.  He pounded furiously as he grunted again and again as he unloaded, stabbing my hole with his cock as he drained his dick.

It was turning out to be a real fantasy for me as man after man took turns one after the other.  Number four was a big burly young black man.  He grabbed me by the waistband of my jeans, which now served as a harness.  Pulling my ass up higher to make it easier for him to fuck, he nearly lifted me off the fuck bench with his big cock as he shoved in it in one long plunge.  He fucked furiously and loudly as he busted his nut.  By then the crowd surrounding my fuck bench had grown to about twelve men, some were jerking off as they watched and one had stepped up in front of me and stuck his cock in my mouth.  I was being spit roasted while the black dude fucked me and I swallowed the load of the man I was sucking as the fourth man began to fuck harder and faster and blew his nut inside me.

Not a minute was wasted as number five stepped in immediately and plunged his dick up my asshole.  At this point I was not even looking back to see who it was.  He was very excited about getting a hole with four fresh loads and fucked me with gusto. Another man stuck his cock in my face and I was again being spit roasted.  I have no idea how many men were watching at this point as I was filled with cock from both ends.  I felt cum hitting the back of my neck and cheek as one of the spectators stepped forward and shot his load all over my head.  I could hear words of encouragement from the room.  “That’s a good slut boy” I heard one man say.  “He’s a hot little bottom”, said another.  It was turning me on in a big way causing me to arch my back even more as I gave myself to the men in the room.  I was milking his cock with my sphincter muscles as the fifth man shot his load inside my hole just as the man that was fucking my face began to cum.  I got loads shot down my throat and up my ass at the same time.  It was incredible. 

Numbers six, seven and eight were a blur as another man shot a load towards my ass that drained down my buttcrack.  The taste of cum covered number seven’s dick as he stuck it my mouth after he came in my ass.  I could not believe how covered in cum it was as I cleaned it up.  I remember feeling chaps against my backside as number eight stepped up and proceeded to fuck me til he nutted. 

At this point the other fuck bench and the ottoman were in use and since no one else stepped up and stuck a cock in me I raised up and looked around.  There were still about eight men watching, four of them were obviously two couples.  I smiled as several of them smiled at me saying “Well Done!”, “Good Boy” said another man. 

So I decided to take a break and go meet the guy I came there to meet.  He had been texting me during my impromptu gangbang.  I went to his room.  He asked what I had been up to?  I told him I’d been in the dungeon.  He smiled as he put his arms around me and grabbed my ass, finding the open seam in my jeans.  “So do you have a load up there already?” 

I felt I knew since he was a fan of my videos and blog that he would not be shocked when I replied “Yeah, a few actually”.  With that he began kissing me and pulling my clothes off.  He lead me to the bed and said “on all fours”.  I complied spreading my ass for his pleasure.  He put his face right up to my hole and inhaled deeply the smell of churned up cum.  He then drove his tongue up my hole causing me to let some of the cum inside me escape.  I had tried to hold it all in but eight loads is a lot.  My buddy felched my hole til he stood up and replaced his tongue with his hard cock.  “Oh yeah” escaped breathlessly from him as he fucked in out very slowly, watching his now cum covered cock go in and out of me.  “You’re a little cum slut, aren’t you boy?” he asked as he began to fuck deeper and harder.  “Oh yeah, I want your load in the too, Sir” I responded as I arched my back deeply and let my head fall back. 

“Here you go, Bitch!” he said intensely as he began to shoot his load.  I felt each of his cock’s contractions as he pumped his cum in with the other men’s loads. 

I was supposed to spend the night with him but after he came I felt the urge to bolt and said I was going to get a drink.  I needed to be alone with myself at that point just to relish the feeling of having been fucked and seeded nine times and swallowing two loads.  Getting fucked nine times is a very physical exertion and I was high on the endorphins.  And high on cum.  I felt accomplished.  I’m already looking forward to next year.

The setting of the Dungeon was Leather/Fetish Pride, November 7, 2014 at the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, FL.

bbkrawcom - XTube Porn Video - bbkrawcom

bbkrawcom - XTube Porn Video - bbkrawcom
 Really hot raw scene. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Anon Pump and Dump 3: Return of Odai

I posted my first encounter with this hot young and extremely well hung top in September, starting a new series in my new place.  I'm still working out angles and lighting in the new space, but this guy is hot even in bad light.  He tore me up...again.  Then leaves me full of his nubian juice.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Anon Pump & Dump: Grindr Hookup Big Rich. Part 2


Part two takes up just after Big Rich's first load.  His dick never softened and he never stopped fucking.  This man knows how to use a bottom.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anon Pump & Dump: Grindr Hookup, Big Rich

I met this guy on Grindr.  A big bear of a total top.  He told me he was a mulit-cummer and he delivered three loads.  I had to split this session into two videos due to file size.  This video ends after his first load.  Stay tuned for part 2. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anon Pump & Dump: Craigslist reply 5pd3 "Odai"

New Tiger Milner video.  Posted on Craigslist for an anonymous pump and dump.  This hot young black hipster showed up with his fat uncut 10" cock and gave me a hell of a ride.  This is for all the bottoms out there who do anonymous scenes.  This is what we hope for when we do it.