Monday, June 23, 2014

Fucked in a Stall #9


Fucked in a Stall #9 has a surprise or two in store.  Someone knocked on the door two separate times which made me nervous as hell since we were in a single occupancy bathroom this time and not my usual multiple stall situation.  I felt a bit trapped.  But we kept at it.  I was concerned that the sounds of thighs slapping ass would be obvious but he didn't seem  concerned at all.  I turned and wiped up his load off the floor immediately and we bolted, one at the time.  It worked out well.  Whew! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

TigrMilner @ dudesnude

TigrMilner @ dudesnude

This profile has some photos not on my blog.  Use my email address to contact.  I do try to reply to all email I get but try to understand if it takes me some time to get to it.  I love and appreciate it all.  It means a lot to me.   Enjoy!

Chaser (Short Film) (NSFW)

I love this film.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Glory Hole Used Hard Today

by Tiger Milner

I needed new poppers and had some time free up this afternoon.  I thought I’d take a ride up the interstate where I knew I’d find what I wanted.  They’ve been hard to get recently.  On arrival, I saw the parking lot was full.  Good sign for Glory Hole action, which is usually lame at this particular bookstore.  So I bought my poppers, used the restroom and went into the video arcade.  Four or five men lined the walls and a number of the booths had red lights on indicating that it was now “occupied”.  I already knew that booth #8 was my favorite due to the positioning of the wall-mounted chair being on the opposite side from the hole.

 It was vacant. 


I went inside and locked the door.  I fed two dollar bills into the machine and and started scrolling through the selection of porn.   As I watched two very manly men go at each other’s nuts and assholes on screen I noticed that the booth next to me was now occupied. 

I did not look to see who was there.  I did not care who it was.  I was stroking my cock in my open pants.  As it swelled up, I took my cock and balls out of my trunks and stroked it directly in front of the hole.  The man must have liked what he saw as he reached into the hole with his finger-tips and pulled my hard dick thru to his side.  The instant feeling of vulnerability one feels when exposing one’s hard cock to an unknown was expanded as he took his time before he took it into his mouth, first running up and back the length of each side just above the skin letting me barely feel his breath to keep me from withdrawing in fear. 

As soon as I felt the wetness of his lips meet the wetness of my pre-cum my hips moved into the dark hole. My bodyweight shifted into position for a focused dick sucking experience from the receiving end.  It felt amazing as he sucked up and down my hard dick as deep as he good go, more each time.  I dropped my head back as I closed my eyes and focused all my senses on my cock.  My firm taint rested on the plywood wall and my balls hung inside the other mans booth. I began to pulse into the warm wet mouth with each stroke.

 It felt so good. 

He was going to make me cum. 

He wanted me to cum. 

It was his role to make me cum. 

I pumped my hips in time with his sucking.  He kept up.  He was breathing hard and sucking harder. 

He was great. 

I began to shoot my load inside his throat.  He kept up the rythmn we had going.  I did too.  I needed this bad.  I kept throbbing in his throat and he kept sucking and swallowing .  We kept going.  Me pumping, him sucking.  Me cumming, him swallowing.  Perfect timing, perfect friction, perfect suction.  Ugh, ugh, ugh…ugh, ugh, ugh…ugh….ugh

I’m not even sure when it stopped.  Or why.  It just sort of ceased because it was completely done.  I was so lost in it that I’m not sure when I stopped cumming or if I came more than once or not.  It was fucking amazing.  Purely biological needs in unison.  Do yourself, and a cock sucker, a favor. We all need to use the Glory Holes more often. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doctor "Catfish"

Watching MTV’s popular television show called “Catfish” has made me look back at the men I’ve met online wondering how many had “catfished” me.  This term no longer refers only to the bottom feeding whiskered scavenger fish.  It is now also a verb that means someone has given you a fake identity via an online profile.  I am sure many men have given me fake names, and since most online hook ups are nothing more than one-time fucks, I really have never cared.  I don’t check IDs for hook ups and often don’t remember names, fake or not. 

But sometimes a hook up becomes more than a hookup.  Sometimes the chemistry is so good that it leads to a second, third or even more encounters.  When I’m lucky I meet a guy who I have a connection with that goes beyond the sex.  On rare occasion I meet one that becomes a friend.  Even more rare, I meet one that gets into my head.  And dare I say, ever more rarely, one gets into my heart.  Joe was that rare man. And I almost didn’t bother to meet him.

I was looking to change gyms at the beginning of the New Year.  I thought running an ad on Craigslist under “Strictly Platonic” asking where all the gay guys go might lead to some interesting tips.  It would be very cool to find a gym where gay guys frequent, even hotter if I could find out that there was a place with man-on-man action going on.  I only got one response.  It was an out of the blue reply from a man from a northern state who said he was coming to my town in six weeks to visit his elderly father and wanted to know if I might want to meet.  He said maybe we could work out, shower up, and see where it goes.  He was very polite, almost too polite.  He included no pictures, but his description was hot, if not kind of generic.  At 5’10”, 165 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, he was the type I usually like, but kind of average it seemed. And such “discrete” responses with no picture have a way of turning out to be more like 5’5” and 195 lbs.  Not that I mind a big guy, just don’t like to be lied to.  

It was not what I was looking for from that ad, and as for a hook-up, he seemed way too passive, uninteresting even.  I prefer men who are more aggressive.  Because of the guarded nature of his statements, I assumed he was a married man.  I thought it was odd that he was trolling Craigslist personals under the “Strictly Platonic” section looking for a guy to meet.  He seemed kind of na├»ve.  I figured nothing would come of it so I responded to “hit me up when you are in town and we will see what happens”. It was sort of my way of brushing him off.

 I was surprised six weeks later when he did email me that he was in town and wanted to meet.  He had come down to visit his elderly dad who had a condo on the beach near where I live.    I was some how bored, or at least not excited about meeting him.  I usually like men who are very direct in their sexual desires and he seemed somewhat inexperienced, again, probably married.  He made a comment about his self-esteem being high enough to handle the rejection if I decided I wasn’t into him.  It seemed sort of self-deprecating, just not masculine.  I really didn’t want to bother. He just didn’t compel me.  I put him off for a few days and then dodged his calls when he hit me up again a few days later. 

I was checking out the Craigslist ads the next day and I one caught my eye.  In fact, it made me want to reply.  Under Men for Men, a guy was looking for a bottom to “shove my big fat cock into”.  I liked how direct it was and I also like a big fat cock so I sent him my stats and contact info.  I got a response back almost immediately.  It was the same email address as my boring northern visitor. I recognized it immediately.  Suddenly he was interesting.   I gave him my number as if we were connecting for the first time and he called me. 

We agreed to meet the following morning.  He had a sense of urgency that I had not sensed in our original conversations.  He confessed during the phone call that he was in a relationship,  a 14-year monogamous relationship with a man who he loved “more than he could say”.  He told me he had never cheated, but his partner had gone out on him not long ago.  He felt entitled to do the same and wanted to do it with me.

Revenge sex!  Now I was really getting excited.  Plus, I was kind of flattered to be the only guy he’d been with other than his partner in so long a time.  I believed him.  He was just too bland to lie.  I asked about his “big dick” and all he would say was that it was big.  He claimed he never measured it.  Whatever.  I’ve heard 7” dicks described as “big” so I was not sure what to expect, but he had my curiosity peaked.  We planned to meet at 11 am the next day at my house. 

The next morning as I went through my usual clean up routine, I got a text from him at 7:00 am wanting to come over earlier so we’d have more time.  I liked his enthusiasm but I was a bit hesitant since I really didn’t care to “hang out” with a potentially boring hook-up.  Especially if he was as inanimate in person as I feared he might be.  I told him I could be ready by 9:00 if he wanted to go ahead and come on over.  Just in case the dick was as large as I fantasized about, I cleaned myself extra thoroughly.  I figured if he was full of shit and the fuck was over in five minutes at least I’d have my whole day ahead of me. 

He arrived right on time.  Literally to the minute.  It reinforced my impression that he was a real dork.  Nerdy guys can turn me on when they are sex-starved and are looking to me as their “walk-on-the-wild-side”.

I almost gasped when I opened the front door and saw how strikingly handsome he was.  He was of Greek descent with big brown eyes and a prominent nose.  He had a beautiful olive complexion. Then he smiled and I saw the most perfect set of teeth I’ve ever seen.  It was one of those smiles where you could see every tooth in his mouth, and each one was perfectly shaped and perfectly white.  I felt like I was watching a tooth paste commercial. He looked at me with an intensity that felt like he was taking me over with his gaze.  My knees went weak and I stammered for something to say.  He was so good looking that it made me feel less attractive, though in reality we looked amazingly good together.  All my insecurities rushed to the surface as I feared that he suddenly would not want to have sex with me.  Then I remembered I had sent him my pictures even though he was too “discrete” to send his to me.  Then he spoke to me with a genuine charm that put me at ease immediately.   He stepped inside and as I fumbled to make some small talk, he interrupted and said “I want to fuck you, right now”.  Boy had I mis-judged him. His generic neutrality has turned into pure intense passion as he took me by both biceps and pressed his perfect mouth against mine and me up against the wall in my foyer.  

This is the pic he gave me after our first meeting.  Very lean and muscular.  No, I never got a dic pic.

“Where is your bedroom?”  he asked as I caught my breath.  He let go of me and smiled again, this time his grin looked mischievous.  “Follow me” I said as I timidly led him to my room, which is just off the entry hall.

I was naked in two seconds as I only wore gym shorts and a t-shirt.  I jumped up on the bed as I watched him pull off his shirt and neatly, almost fastidiously, fold it on a chair.  I guess he got a little nervous as he dis-robed.  I asked him some stupid questions, just making small talk.  One was about what he does for a living.  He suddenly got very guarded and said, “for now, I’ll just say I work in the medical industry”.  I assumed it wasn’t much of a job, as his mid-western accent made everything he said sound overly simplistic.  I was more intrigued by his exaggerated pecs, bulging biceps, and tight waist.  He was 44 years old and looked amazing for his age.  I was really anxious to see the bulge in his tighty-whiteys revealed.  He seemed to take forever to fold his pants as I noticed how round his glutes were and how muscular his thighs were.  I was staring at the growing mound, thinking it looked promising, but not necessarily huge.  Then he peeled down the briefs. 

Again, I almost gasped at the sheer width of the dick that was now unfolding as if it had been tucked back under his balls in order to fit it all into the pouch.  It was amazing to see it come out, swelling before my eyes.  It was darker brown in color than his skin. It was the biggest dick I had ever laid eyes on, in person or in porn. Amazing.

“Oh my god!”  I said out loud as he hoisted it loose from his ball sack.  He handled it like it was a piece of equipment rather than a part of his body.  He wasn’t a large man, though built like a Greek statue.  So his massive dick looked as big as his other appendages.  “It’s big, I know.”   He said, almost apologetically.  “I hope you can handle it”.  He grinned.  “Because I really need to fuck you”. 

He stepped up beside the bed where I was positioned to take it into my mouth, at least as much as I could.  I loved touching it.  He flexed his firm muscular chest and looked down at me, then looked over himself, admiringly.  He seemed very much like a young boy who had always dreamed of sex who was actually getting it.

Then he began to give me instructions.  “I want to fuck you for as long as possible if you can take it, so, when I tell you not to move a muscle, it means I’m very close to cumming, so stay perfectly still.  I want to make this last.”
“I understand” is all I said in response.

I choked on his big cock as I tried to deep throat it.   It was easily a foot long, and thicker than I’ve ever seen a cock.  Suddenly, there was nothing dorky about him.  He know what he wanted and he enthusiastically explored my body like a teenager getting some for the first time.  He was a total top so there was no attention paid to my throbbing cock.  He kissed me, he sucked my nipples, he manhandled me into position to that he could focus on my ass. 

I was on my knees on the chair across from my bed where he was fingering my hole.  Prying it open, he inserted more fingers each time.  I was enjoying the attention to my ass so I didn’t object as he got up to four fingers inside me.  I finally had to speak up when I felt his knuckles pressing into me as if he thought he was going to push his entire fist into me. 

“I can’t do that” I said to the handsome Greek whose hand was nearly completely inside me.

“Yes you can, you are almost there” was his response.  He was intense and almost pleading, yet at the same time encouraging.  He went on and on about how once I got past the knuckles it would be easier.  He actually wanted to fist me.  I insisted he stop. 

“Ok, then on the bed, all fours”.  He said with authority.    I did as I was told.  I noticed on the clock that we had been fooling around for an hour already and we were just getting around to fucking.  

“On your back, legs up” he said.  “ I want to see your face as I work this cock inside you”.

“You bet” I responded.  “I want to see your face too as you sink that monster in me to the base.  I bet you don’t get to do that too often”. 

After the workout he had given my hole, the giant apple head of his cock was easier to take than his fist.  God he was handsome between my legs pushing that amazing dick in and out of me.  The look of satisfaction on his face really turned me on.  Damn this was a beautiful man.

He pushed that big cock into me completely.  He changed my position as he felt the need.  He fucked me fast and hard, then slow and deep.  He dripped with sweat.  At one point I was on my stomach and he was pounding me from behind furiously. 

He grabbed me from behind holding me around the shoulders so firmly I couldn’t move.

“DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE!” he demanded as he held me firmly.  I froze trying not to clinch my sphincter, which would no doubt cause him to cum.  He inhaled deeply as he held me still.  As his orgasm passed, he released me.  He withdrew and jumped up.

“Let’s take a break” he said with renewed enthusiasm.  “Let’s have something to drink!”

We went out by the pool and I got us both an ice water.   We had been fucking for nearly 2 hours.  It was an amazing chemistry we had.  Now all the negative impressions I had from his initial correspondences had evaporated and I was his fuck on the side.  We talked and laughed.  He told me more about his wonderful partner than I cared to hear, but it did make him seem that much more desirable, that he was so in love with his partner. 

Then he really surprised me.  I was thinking about how I wish I could have someone over to see this massive cock, he asked if I knew anybody who would want to tag team me with him.  I was blown away.  And I immediately knew a fuck buddy who would be into it and who had a solid nine inches of uncut cock, a decent match.   A man with less just would not be a good match.  I needed someone to see this cock.  No one would believe it otherwise. 

So we just hung out talking until my buddy got there.  We were naked in the bedroom when he arrived.  He was only 20 something and quite handsome, so my big-dicked guest was pleased.  The plan was for them to double penetrate me.  I was excited.  I’ve done it before and I knew big dicks were the key to success in doing that.  The two of them were discussing who would be on top and who would lie on his back. 

My young buddy lay on his back and I sat on his big uncut cock.  The big-dicked Greek came up behind me.  He paused, saying that he wanted to go nuts.  Then he pushed that big cock up inside me.

Wow, I had at least 20 inches of dick in me.  My young fuck buddy wrapped his arms around me keeping me in position as he pushed up into me.  All the while the Greek pounded me from behind.  I took it like a champ.  Never did I hurt, though I was fuller than I have ever felt.  The two dicks sliding back and forth against each other was more than my young Latin fuck buddy could take.  He kept fucking as he shot his load inside me.  A really deep moan began coming from the Greek when he jumped off me, pushing me over on my back beside my young fuck buddy.  He stepped up on the bed and began to rain cum on both of us.  He screamed as his load sprayed all over my fuck-buddy and me.  He was an animal.  It was intense.

And this begins our affair.  And he never gave up on getting his fist inside me.  But that is another story.