Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anon Pump & Dump: Craigslist reply 5pd3 "Odai"

New Tiger Milner video.  Posted on Craigslist for an anonymous pump and dump.  This hot young black hipster showed up with his fat uncut 10" cock and gave me a hell of a ride.  This is for all the bottoms out there who do anonymous scenes.  This is what we hope for when we do it.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Fucked in a Stall #9


Fucked in a Stall #9 has a surprise or two in store.  Someone knocked on the door two separate times which made me nervous as hell since we were in a single occupancy bathroom this time and not my usual multiple stall situation.  I felt a bit trapped.  But we kept at it.  I was concerned that the sounds of thighs slapping ass would be obvious but he didn't seem  concerned at all.  I turned and wiped up his load off the floor immediately and we bolted, one at the time.  It worked out well.  Whew! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

TigrMilner @ dudesnude

TigrMilner @ dudesnude

This profile has some photos not on my blog.  Use my email address to contact.  I do try to reply to all email I get but try to understand if it takes me some time to get to it.  I love and appreciate it all.  It means a lot to me.   Enjoy!

Chaser (Short Film) (NSFW)

I love this film.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Glory Hole Used Hard Today

by Tiger Milner

I needed new poppers and had some time free up this afternoon.  I thought I’d take a ride up the interstate where I knew I’d find what I wanted.  They’ve been hard to get recently.  On arrival, I saw the parking lot was full.  Good sign for Glory Hole action, which is usually lame at this particular bookstore.  So I bought my poppers, used the restroom and went into the video arcade.  Four or five men lined the walls and a number of the booths had red lights on indicating that it was now “occupied”.  I already knew that booth #8 was my favorite due to the positioning of the wall-mounted chair being on the opposite side from the hole.

 It was vacant. 


I went inside and locked the door.  I fed two dollar bills into the machine and and started scrolling through the selection of porn.   As I watched two very manly men go at each other’s nuts and assholes on screen I noticed that the booth next to me was now occupied. 

I did not look to see who was there.  I did not care who it was.  I was stroking my cock in my open pants.  As it swelled up, I took my cock and balls out of my trunks and stroked it directly in front of the hole.  The man must have liked what he saw as he reached into the hole with his finger-tips and pulled my hard dick thru to his side.  The instant feeling of vulnerability one feels when exposing one’s hard cock to an unknown was expanded as he took his time before he took it into his mouth, first running up and back the length of each side just above the skin letting me barely feel his breath to keep me from withdrawing in fear. 

As soon as I felt the wetness of his lips meet the wetness of my pre-cum my hips moved into the dark hole. My bodyweight shifted into position for a focused dick sucking experience from the receiving end.  It felt amazing as he sucked up and down my hard dick as deep as he good go, more each time.  I dropped my head back as I closed my eyes and focused all my senses on my cock.  My firm taint rested on the plywood wall and my balls hung inside the other mans booth. I began to pulse into the warm wet mouth with each stroke.

 It felt so good. 

He was going to make me cum. 

He wanted me to cum. 

It was his role to make me cum. 

I pumped my hips in time with his sucking.  He kept up.  He was breathing hard and sucking harder. 

He was great. 

I began to shoot my load inside his throat.  He kept up the rythmn we had going.  I did too.  I needed this bad.  I kept throbbing in his throat and he kept sucking and swallowing .  We kept going.  Me pumping, him sucking.  Me cumming, him swallowing.  Perfect timing, perfect friction, perfect suction.  Ugh, ugh, ugh…ugh, ugh, ugh…ugh….ugh

I’m not even sure when it stopped.  Or why.  It just sort of ceased because it was completely done.  I was so lost in it that I’m not sure when I stopped cumming or if I came more than once or not.  It was fucking amazing.  Purely biological needs in unison.  Do yourself, and a cock sucker, a favor. We all need to use the Glory Holes more often.