Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Blog's First Review! Editor's Pick: Loves my Stories

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Tiger Milner - 3 Jan 2013, Gay Porn Blog -

This was a pleasant start to a year of sex, video and blogging.  Very encouraging and I would like to say thanks to the Editor at Gay Porn Blog and  I think they made up a new word for me:  "blogslut".  I think I like it.

One clarification:  the links to professional porn scenes are simply vids that I personally think are hot.  They are always the full scene and NEVER the :15 second and 1:59 teasers that lead you to paysites.  I don't think those are hot and I do not try to hook my readers into such sales tactics. I am very careful not to violate any copyright laws.  If it is on my site, I filmed it, I wrote it, or I think it is hot enough that my readers will enjoy it. 

Otherwise, it is an excellent review.  I especially like what he said about the stories alone being worth taking a few minutes to check out.  Writing the stories allows me to share encounters that can't or weren't videotaped. 


  1. Congratulations, Tiger!

  2. Thanks BlkJack. I'm loving it! Gonna be a fun year.

  3. You deserve it. Onward & upwards.

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